Own your mortgage portal

Buy source code and intellectual property to your very own consumer facing portal. 

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All the features you need

Leverage the millions Matic invested into our portal. From an online 1003, Disclosures, DocuSign integrations, LOS integration, and much more, use Matic to jumpstart your development. 

  • Online 1003

    A branded 1003 for each of your loan officers

  • Mobile apps

    Your own mobile apps to do with what you will. Consumer and LO facing

  • Disclosures

    Make signing disclosures easy with Matic

Income and Assets

API Driven Infrastructure


3rd party Integrations

Control your roadmap.

Own the IP to 2 years worth of technology. Over 25,000 hours, 300,000 lines of source code. 

This offer will expire
Exclusive License

One time cost

  • Free installation
  • Maintenance for 1 year 
  • 100% of the source code
  • 2 free feature builds

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you selling the source code?

Matic's core business is selling homeowners insurance during the mortgage process. We originally built this portal as a way to distribute our insurance to more lenders before we knew about any of the fantastic mortgage portals.

Will you work with me on a payment plan?

We can be flexible.

How are you different than other portal companies

We're offering source code and intellectual property. We'll help transition it to your engineers and product development. 

Can I buy non-exclusive license for cheaper? 

Yes, you can buy a non-exclusive for a heavily discounted rate. As soon as someone buys an exclusive license though, we will stop selling the source code. 

Why buy an exclusive license?

Once you buy the exclusive license, then Matic will no longer sell the source code to anyone else and we will take this website down. 

Is it better to build vs buy?

Most lenders would benefit from existing portal technologies. For lenders with their own tech teams, who want to own IP, Matic is better. 

Will you help us build the product? 

Matic can help transition your engineers for the first year for an additional cost. We can also help with our product expertise until your team fully transitions. 

How long does installation take?

Matic has installed a mortgage portal in as little as 2 weeks. We'll send our integration team to your office and work with your engineers directly. 

How secure is the code?

Matic is SOC 1 compliant, the code has undergone numerous testing, and was built with security in mind. Lastly, this will be hosted on your own servers for security you can control. 

How long does installation take?

This depends on you but has taken us as little as 3 weeks. 

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